Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ярмарка чудес

Ярмарка чудес

Всё, что Вы видите, сделано с любовью и теплотой для Вас и Ваших близких!

Monday, February 20, 2012

"All my thinking is visual"

Stephen is seven years old. When his father opened the door to the toilet, the child says: "A dirty little boy." The strange language? Bad parenting?From the perspective of Stephen, it is not logical and not, as it may seem. Several years ago, his father was angry when the boy smelled bad after the hundredth time, Stefan wet my pants. He took him to the bathroom, opened the door and said: "The Dirty Little Boy." When the boy sees the door to the attic, he says: "And now we're going to have a rhubarb jam." When he sees the sound equipment, it says: "Leave it alone, you just break it.""I look at people, see how they treat each other, isolated behaviors, write them down, memorize, and then try to understand their behavior. But next time I find myself in the same situation, the behavior is again completely different, "-this phrase has been said an adult with autism."All my thinking is visual," - said Temple Grandin - "I think slowly, as I have takes a certain amount of time the process of forming a visual image of what I hear, the creation of the video. I can not remember what people said to me, except for those cases where I can transform them verbal information into visual images ... Most people are so-called "normal world" think in words, but the verbal process of thinking is alien to me. I always think in pictures. visual thinking seems to me playing various videos VCR in my memory ... This process is slower than verbal thinking. on playing videos in my imagination goes a certain period of time. "

The Birth of the Concept of Autism

Leo Kanner
When Kanner in 1943 described "autistic disturbances of emotional contact of young children" - or "early infantile autism," as he later preferred to call the syndrome - the name he used in different ways, although it is first linked to schizophrenia, but later he tried to separate the of schizophrenia, "Kanner syndrome." Now, when using the term "autism", but rather is meant Kanner's syndrome than the symptoms of schizophrenia. However, the use of the term autism is not correct, concluding a false connection with schizophrenia, as well as "extreme loneliness" (synonymous with the word "autism" following Kanner), which in some ways is the essence of the syndrome.As well as visual and auditory disturbances are the result of physical, biological and organic factors, and in cases of autism there are physical, biological and organic causes. This understanding has been strengthened over recent years. In this book readers are the most important information in this area.And just as people born with impaired vision or hearing, need training and assistance in accordance with the specifics of their violations, and people with autism need to learn and appropriate maintenance. This training and support are specific, as a violation in itself is very specific. However, they are necessary, if a person with autism, as well as people around him, take it upon myself to live a life reminiscent of a full-fledged. Pedagogical approach to autism has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. From this point of view presented by the reader's attention the material in this publication are also very important.